Teera T.
Great food, place is clean, food taste delicious and fresh. Follow guidelines with temperature checked, hand sanitizer and of course social distancing. I'm sure everyone came here to get their tofu soup. But for me, their cold bean noodle definitely best in town. I love how they grounded the black sesame seeds in the soup. Good selections of side dishes and great price for Korean food within 10 miles of the area. I ordered combo of Kalbi and Pork Tofu soup to go. Love the surprise of a small dry seaweed package in my to go food. All to go food well packed and so worth it. I will for sure go back!
Nancy N.
The soft tofu soup is a must! The broth is surpreme and the soft tofu was spot on. The bulgogi is missing the heat from the fire grilled stove top griddle. Didn't sizzle. The flavor was good tho. Side dishes are alright. Basic and nothing really stands out. Place is new and has great potential. Definitely a place for soft tofu soup.
Ching Ching C.
Finally!! A soondubu restaurant that hits the spot! Expect bubbling hot soup, stone bowl cooked rice (turned into crusted rice soup with the bottom rice), a ton of banchan, and great service! I've experienced both take out and dine-in but I would recommend the dine-in experience if you're truly craving some spicy tofu soup! Medium spice is great if you want a good blend of spice and flavor and combination is the way to go with a nice blend of seafood and meat! Banchans ranged from steamed veggies and kimchi to japchae! The kalbi here is also pretty decent and we enjoyed the mackerel as well. Bibimbap was also on the larger end for portion size, especially for the price point! Precautions were exercised with masking, temperature checks, and hand sanitizing upon arrival. The restaurant is very clean, the employees are very kind and provided great service. I would definitely come and get your soondubu fix from this place! Don't sleep on it!! .
Judy Hsiung
Excellent service, food was delicious and fresh. I need to come back to try other dishes. I also love how this was run by family.
bruce Lee
The amount of pure tofu is insufficient. The soup is...well.
Chris S
Delicious new Korean tofu restaurant. Been here twice now and it was high quality both times. The cook does a great job and we had great service.
Junhee B.
One of the best Korean restaurants in town! Recently opened, I came here today with my friends to try it for the first time and absolutely fell in love with this place. First, the customer service was very welcoming, we were greeted and seated right away. To start with the food- delicious. With so many side dishes (free refills), you know everyone will have a dish they like! I got the combo with beef tofu stew along with galbi and it was so much food! I chose to get the medium spice but if you add the egg it will get less spicy so aim high! Another thing I loved about this place was throughout the dinner the waitresses were very attentive and made sure that the side dishes were always full / asked if we needed anything. Amazing customer service! They also mentioned they're doing delivery so make sure to take advantage of that during this time! Side note: The interior of this place is super clean and just lovely! (look at the picture!!)